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Single Spice Vodka
A Vodka of taste - 100% Rye and Cumin

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Carvia. A Vodka of taste.

The name Carvia comes from the latin Carum Carvi (The Caraway seed).
The 100% rye alcohol and caraway spice offer this vodka an unrivalled taste which you’ll find unmistakable.

Carvia. Created without compromise.

Carvia vodka is produced in a craft distillery in Brie-sous-Archiac in the Cognac region of France. Just a small copper still, natural ingredients and a dream, this is how we the world’s best vodka is crafted.

Carvia. A vodka for people with good taste.

If you count yourself as someone eager for new tastes and new culinary experiences, then you’re in good company. Carvia will revolutionize your view of vodka.

Carvia & Caviar. A match made in heaven.

Now vodka and caviar are called Carvia and Caviar.
The caraway taste is beautifully paired with caviar.
The six letters they share only serve to highlight and underpin their perfect match.

A Vodka that will please even those who don’t drink vodka

Carvia is also a wonderful ingredient in the kitchen.
Just try to flambé your meat with our Carvia vodka, it’s a guaranteed culinary entertainment.

Carvia & chocolate ice cream. Prepare to be amazed.

It’s a short step from a plain dessert to a masterpiece. Just pour a spoonful of Carvia vodka over a scoop of chocolate ice cream. It’s a sure wow!

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