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Ararat Erebuni Aged 30 years

This precious blend of 30-year-old ARARAT "Erebuni" brandy is distinguished by its exquisite aroma and velvety flavor. The soft and harmonious combination of dried fruits and roasted hazelnuts leaves a pleasant tartness of aged oak, complemented by apricot and smoked prunes.   The perfect ARARAT "Erebuni" blend combines more than 30 rare vintage spirits that have been biding their time in the cellars of the Yerevan Brandy Company. They give this spirit its deep amber color which blends into mahogany shades. The oldest spirit of this blend date back to 1934, thus highlighting the exceptional status of this brandy.   The most precious brandy in the ARARAT range proudly bears the name of the ancient Erebuni fortress, erected in 782 BC by order of King Argishti I. Thus the luxurious golden packaging showcases the ancient cuneiform symbols, carved on a memorial stone to immortalize the triumphal moment of the foundation of the future Armenian capital — Yerevan.


Weight 5.12 kg



30 ans





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