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Inverroche Gin Gift Pack 3x50ml

Classic Gin

This gin is distilled with endemic plants from South Africa called fynbos, picked in the hills and limestone-rich cliffs of the southern tip of the South African coast. 
  • Nose: Notes of juniper berries, floral bouquet. 
  • Mouth: Aromas of citrus fruits, rose petals and strong flowers.
  • Main botanical: Bucchu Citrus.

Verdant Gin

Infused with fynbos from the mountainous terrain around the distillery, Inverroche Verdant is floral and soft with a translucent golden-green hue derived from the main botanical used to produce it.
  • Nose: Spring blooming, elderflower, chamomile flower. 
  • Mouth: Spices, hint of juniper, lemon zest.
  • Main botanical: African sage. 

Gin Amber

Infused with aromatic fynbos found in the coastal dunes, Inverroche Amber showcases the diversity of Cape Floral Kingdom, region where the distillery is located and where the endemic plants used to make the gins can be found. 
  • Nose: Notes of fresh citrus fruits, light juniper, toffee apples, subtle spices as well as floral notes. 
  • Mouth: Toffee apples, woody spices, floral notes. 
  • Main botanical: Sour fig
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