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Amazzoni Maniuara

Amázzoni Maniuara is the Old Tom style blend of Amázzoni. Following the complex and classic pro­le of Amázzoni gin, Maniuara takes a step further and makes a twist in its recipe, with a lemon note evident both at nose – for its lemongrass and citrus aroma – and to the eyes, being lightly gold-dyed. At nose then follows a dusty earthiness underneath the whole pro­le, while at ­rst sip, a so‑ and gentle oral avor blossoms over the palate, sitting on Amázzoni traditional juniper core. Much delicate and fresh than previous recipes and with its 38% ABV the lightest gin on Brazilian market - Maniuara then leaves with a nice peppery, sweet citrus ­nish, not so far from what its name recalls: the Maniuara ant, a spicy, zesty deli endemic in our house, the rainforest, and typical in Amazonian heritage cuisine.


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