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Inverroche Amber Gin

Infused with aromatic fynbos found on the sandy soil of the dunes in the coastal region around the distillery… Inverroche Amber showcases the diversity of Cape Floral Kingdom. Inverroche Amber Gin is crisp, with notes of toffee apples, saffron, rooibos tea, and a subtle woody finish. Main botanicals: devil’s claw and honeybush. Devil’s claw (or sour fig) is a succulent with a pink flower whose distinctive color can be found in Amber’s hue. Its flower is also used for jams and has antiseptic properties against inflammation. Honeybush is a flower with a smell of honey. Its taste is similar to that of rooibos yet slightly tangier.  All these aromas can be found when tasting Inverroche Amber Gin, giving it a round and rich profile.


Weight 1.36 kg



Afrique du Sud



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